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Radio Homebrew

27 mhz dipole

What you will need:

20 feet of 12AWG solid wire.(with or without the insulation)
Some rope.
2 ‘egg’ insulators.(Radio Shack P/N # 271-1234)
A tape ruler, wire cutters, and black electrical tape.
A lenght of coax.(RG-8 RG-58 or RG-8x)
Solder and a good iron.

First you will take the wire and cut two 8 foot 5 inch lenghts.
Next strip 1 inch of the insulation off the end of each wire.
Then cut off about 3 and a half inches of the black insulation from the coax.
Pull the center conductor ,with the foam, threw the braid. Now you should have the coax split in two.
Trim off 1 inch of the foam to expose the center wire of the coax.
Solder one of the 12 gauge wires to the braid and the other to the center conductor.
You can use the tape and wrap it around the solder connections and down the wire a little bit.
This is to keep the water out of the coax. You can also use silicone chaulking if you wish.
Now at the end of the wire ,loop the wire around the egg insulator and wrap it securly so it will not come loose.
Do the same to the other wire.
Now thats it for the antenna all that’s left is to mount it.Use the rope to pull it up into a tree.
After you have it installed and if you find that the S.W.R. is a little high you can lower it and trim off some wire from the ends of the dipole. Cut it in 1/2 inch increments. Remember thats its easier to cut off then it is to put